Why Esperanto?

  • 2 million speakers around the world, and more every day.
  • A large ( >100,000 articles) Wikipedia and doubling every year. (http://eo.wikipedia.com)
  • Enjoy free lodging when traveling abroad! It’s true!
  • Makes learning other languages easier.
  • Much easier to learn than national languages.
  • Simple grammar, no irregular verbs, no exceptions.
  • International. Spoken world-wide. (Booming in Asia, and Eastern Europe.)
  • Non-colonial. Welcome even in places where English is not.
  • Suitable for:
    • whispering romantic sweet-nothings
    • singing songs, from hymns to hiphop and rock to reggae
    • telling jokes, and having fun
    • making new friends, around the corner and around the world
    • reading the news, classic literature, and thousands of websites
    • blogging your thoughts, or arguing your point
    • presenting poems, posts, or papers.
  • A living language. The first century was just the beginning!

Learn more!

Visit the Esperanto Club of Hampton Roads.

757 622-5504
Click below for a printable Word document with this information:
Why Esperanto?

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